Why Your Blog is Not Attracting as Many Users as You Want

Making a blog popular is a harder task than anyone imagines. A successful blog doesn’t attract thousands of new subscribers overnight. The subscriber number should gradually increase overtime as you add more posts and content to your blog. But if it doesn’t, then you know there’s something wrong with your blog. Here are some of the common reasons why some blogs fail to gain traction:

Overused or Uninteresting Topic

The primary reason readers are attracted to a blog is because the subject matter is interesting. Now that blogging is popular, it’s common to see dozens of blogs covering the same topic. There pressure is high to choose a unique topic. If you can only offer something readers can get in two or three other places, there won’t be an incentive to subscribe. Therefore, consider tweaking your topic to make is unlike anything else seen on other blogs.

A Site Design that is Not User Friendly

It’s common for bloggers to use a site theme that appeals to them, rather than the readers and the subscribers. Just like e-commerce websites, a blog must be highly user friendly. If you want to take your blog to the next level, consider hiring a local website design company Melbourne to dramatically improve the design. Aim for a theme that is both functional and visually engaging so visitors stay on to read. Don’t forget to make your blog optimally mobile responsive in the process.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Don’t think that people would naturally stumble across your blog. Given the sheer number of blogging and microblogging platforms available, it’s highly unlikely. You need a plan to attract users to your blog. Start by targeting the right audience.

For example, if your blog is about food, it can potentially appeal to both chefs and foodies. But consider the nature of your posts. Are you blogging about recipes or what the dishes actually are? If it’s the former, then you can target chefs and home cooks. Trying to appeal to foodies in this scenario could backfire.

Go back to your blog and analyze the people who have already subscribed to it. You can create subscriber profiles based on that. Then, launch a content marketing strategy targeting the type of subscriber for more traffic and conversions.

Content that is Hard to Read

The type of blog posts you should publish depends on the type of reader you are targeting. But if your blog is for general consumption, then it’s best to make it reader friendly. That means no long paragraphs or walls of text. Keep paragraphs short so it’s easy to read down the article.

Additionally, don’t stuff the blog with text alone. Add photographs, infographics, and videos to make it more visually appealing. A variety of content will keep things interesting for readers so they are compelled to subscribe.

Pay attention to the above aspects when creating your blog. Blogs may not become popular for many reasons, but you can ensure none of the above would be a problem for your blog.


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